Coronavirus preventing measures and cleaning

Since ever, our location is well known for the accuracy in cleaning and the constant sanitization of common spaces, of all the pavements, included those around the pools.

Every single day, all our pavements are washed using specific industrial machines, which, not only remove the dirt in depth, but apply a protective film providing a strong protection against viruses, infectious bacteria, and fungus, which allows anyone to move in bare feet.

Every morning, all the private and common changing rooms, the toilets, and the common showers are deeply cleaned and sanitized using a specific medical equipment, which atomize a virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal product, contemporaneously ionising the micro drops to force them to adhere to every processed surface, floors and ceilings included.
The availability of private showers in the changing rooms allow our guests to use private spaces reserved just to their relatives, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, without any need to share them with the other clients.

Every single morning, our beach and pools staff, atomize the same virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal product on every piece of furniture present both on the beach and the pools, sterilizing any residue from the day and the night before. The pools pavements, as well, are sprayed with a virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal product, specifically produced by Culligan to be used in contact with human skin and pool water.

Every morning, eventually, all the chairs, tables and floor of the restaurant veranda and common usage gazeboes are treated with the same cleaning and sanitizing procedures from the cleaning staff.

The cleaning and sanitized procedure described is repeated at least four times a day, for the common showers, toilets, and common changing rooms, granting cosy and safe spaces.

The large towels provided to cover the sun beds are washed by an external laundry, using a virucidal and bactericidal washing cycle, with an occurrence decided by the clients.
Even the pillows for the sun beds are sanitized every morning and stored in the private changing rooms or in the closets to maintained them sterilized till their usage.