Our Sustainability

"Satisfy the actual generation’s needs, without threatening the future generations’ ones"

Sustainability is an act of responsibility and commitment, which any of us can take, to save the environment and take care of the people who will inhabit the planet after us.
For us, the Environmental Sustainability is a serious commitment, on which we invest since ever, with small and big actions, which allow us to provide a high level of wellness to our guests, trying to minimize the consumption of renewable resources.
Basically, our Environmental Sustainability is based on the following specific actions:

Risparmio acqua

Water Saving:
Our pools are filled with sea water, saving hundreds of cubic meters of drinkable water, and all our taps are equipped with special consumption limiters, specifically designed for consumption saving, while offering the users a sufficient and constant water flow for showers, foot bath, drinking fountains and any other drinkable water dispenser. Moreover, we use our artesian well water to wet lawns and plants.

Risparmio energia elettrica

Electric Power Saving:
We use only Solar Panels for water heating to supply showers and washstands and to heat one of our swimming pools. Furthermore, every lightning system is provided with low consumption LED bulbs.

Riciclo e riuso

Recycle and Reuse:
We set up a complete Separate Collection of Waste, operative from our beach to the many operating equipment and structures, which allows to completely recycle plastic, aluminium, paper, and organic waste. Moreover, to reduce our plastic usage, we serve mineral water in the restaurant only in glass bottles, and soft drinks only in glass or aluminium cans.

Carta riciclata

Paper Use Reduction:
The advanced digitalization of our company processes has dramatically reduced the necessity to print on paper and, wherever it is possible, we use high quality recycled paper, which provide very good properties, allowing, in the meantime, to reduce the products rich in cellulose.

Mobilità sostenibile

Sustainable Mobility:
The availability of a small fleet of bicycles, free for our guests, allows them to reduce the usage of their cars for local movements.