22/02/2021 - Beach Layout in Summer 2021

Dear Guests,

we decided to revolutionise our beach layout to welcome you with the highest health safety and comfort in the future summers, starting from 2021.

As we see it, the social impact of the COVID, has changed irreversibly changed some of the habits of people like us and you, by making, in the future, the social distancing being the guarantee for our wellbeing and the clos proximity with unknown people be seen, from the most, with suspicion.

During 2020 Summer, we provided you with more space, compared with the already large one available in 2019, free services and an even more reliable sanitisation & cleaning system: all these improvements have been appreciated and we have received also the congratulations from the authorities on duty to control.

Planning the 2021 Season, we felt uncomfortable thinking to go back at the 2018 layout, which, by the way, is more than compliant with the current regulations, and we decided to design our beach with only 19 gazeboes and 6 sun parasols, even more distanciated then the last summer, offering enriched equipment and services:

  • Third sun bed available in every gazebo;
  • Third large towel available with gazebo and changing room;
  • Electrical lighted changing rooms;
  • Beach completely free in the middle to improve breezing and panorama;
  • Poolside completely repaved using skid-proof and not warming tile;
  • More sun parasols available on the poolside.

Last and not least, all the services provided at the beach resort will be focused on a smaller customer base, thus avoiding any crowding and increasing the delivery quality.

Naturally, the number of accommodations cut by half and the huge presence of our historical customers, have reduced a lot our hosting capability.

Thence, if you are dreaming a completely secure and comfortable summer holiday, please hurry to contact us!

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